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Ukrainian song was firstly performed at the Grammy-2022 Award ceremony

Ukrainian song was firstly performed at the Grammy-2022 Award ceremony

“FREE” is a song and video work by Mika Newton, who broke many years of creative silence. Besides, the singer became the first Ukrainian artist to perform at the Grammy-2022 Award ceremony, where Ukrainians had not performed before. The original version of the song was written by John Legend, and now it was performed at the Grammy. The singer was grateful to John and the producers for drawing attention to Ukraine. The whole Arena applauded for a few minutes. It was also very symbolic that the video for the song was edited by the person who is currently going through all the hardships of war in Ukraine, a talented guy from Sarny — 18-year-old Bohdan Krushelnytskyi.

“Every day I think about how I can help my country. On the third day of the war, I went to Poland to help my family and others for three weeks. A couple of days after, I arrived back in LA and got an opportunity to perform at the Grammy, and bring awareness about the Ukrainian war. A huge thank you to John Legend for doing it. I will be honest, that all of this was very stressful for me and I got sick pretty bad… I’ve started to feel better only after the last couple of days…so now I’m starting to do what I can to keep helping my country. This Friday I will be performing with other amazing Ukrainian artists in San Francisco. On Sunday we will be in Seattle and on May 13, 2022, we will be in Miami. Please come and see us! All of the money from tickets will be donated! Also, I will be performing in West Hollywood on May 22, 2022. Come see us and support Ukraine!!!! War is getting worse… we need help!” wrote Mika Newton on her Instagram.

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