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Ukrainian Trident appeared at Burning Man-2022

Ukrainian Trident appeared at Burning Man-2022

The installation of the Ukrainian Trident (Ukrainian coat of arms) appeared at the American festival Burning Man-2022. It was created by the Lithuanian-American camp Amber Dust. As camp participant Eleonora Romuva wrote, the artists created a Trident to show support for Ukraine in the struggle for freedom and democratic values.

“We chose the coat of arms of Ukraine, which is believed to have originated as a tribal symbol, a synthesis of the divine elements of fire and water in the manifested world. Three points, three worlds, and trinities are ever-present in human mythology and culture. Today, a trident is a symbol of unity and freedom. A symbol of perseverance and determination, a symbol of a fight for freedom and democracy. The wisdom embedded in trident is universal,” said the camp in the statement.


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