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US announces $2.5 billion military aid to Ukraine

US announces $2.5 billion military aid to Ukraine

On the evening of Jan. 19, 2023, the US Department of Defense confirmed the allocation of another military aid package to Ukraine worth $ 2.5 billion, as reported by European Pravda.

According to the list, the package includes additional ammunition for the HIMARS and NASAMS systems and, as previously expected, 90 Stryker infantry fighting vehicles with 20 mine rollers and 59 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles with 590 TOW anti-tank missiles and 295,000 rounds of 25 mm ammunition.

In addition, the military aid package includes 12 ammunition supply vehicles, six command and staff vehicles, 22 tactical weapons towing vehicles, high-speed anti-radar missiles (HARM), about 2,000 anti-tank missiles, more than 3 million rounds of small arms ammunition, demining equipment for clearing obstacles, Claymore anti-personnel ammunition, night vision devices, spare parts and other field equipment.


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