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Russia-Ukraine War

Here you can find videos in English about the Russia-Ukraine war, people's resilience, and peaceful Ukraine. All videos are from the official and primary sources. We urge you to use them for communication about Ukraine or informing about the war.

Russia-Ukraine War

Ukraine VS Russia. Feel the difference. By Ukraїner

Rescuers clear the building of the regional state administration, which was destroyed. By Dattalion Media. March 31, 2022

Russia shells areas in Ukraine where it vowed to scale back. By ABC News. March 31, 2022

The Ukrainian Fighters Defending Kyiv | Russia–Ukraine War. By New York Times. March 30, 2022

Irpin. Negotiation day. War in Ukraine. By Ukrayinska Pravda. March 29, 2022

Ukrainian forces mount huge counteroffensive against Russia. By ABC News. March 28, 2022

Lviv residents take cover as Russia shells Ukraine’s ‘safe city’. By ABC News (Australia). March 28, 2022

Battle for the South of Ukraine. By VICE News. March 27, 2022

Russians experience heavy losses in Ukraine. By ABC News. March 26, 2022

Kharkiv after shelling. By Dattalion Media. March 26, 2022

Database tracks evidence of potential war crimes. By Associated Press. March 25, 2022

Life in Ukraine now. By Reuters. March 25, 2022

Kherson fights back. By Ukraïner. March 23, 2022

Deadly shelling in Ukraine’s Kyiv flattens shopping mall. By Al Jazeera. March 22, 2022

Putin’s war against grandmas and grandpas. By Ukraїner. March 21, 2022