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Vogue Czechoslovakia dedicated to Ukraine

Vogue Czechoslovakia dedicated to Ukraine

The latest issue of Vogue Czechoslovakia will be published with three covers in the colors of the Ukrainian flag and will be dedicated to Ukraine.

Vogue Czechoslovakia will be released for the first time without photos and any images on the cover. All three covers of the May issue are printed in the colors of the Ukrainian flag — a yellow Vogue logo on a blue background. Each of the covers contains only a white inscription. The whole issue is dedicated to Ukraine. It was created together with the Vogue UA team.

“For the first time, there is no photo or image on the cover of Vogue CS. There are times when fashion and fashion photography should take a back seat. Let’s not forget what is happening in our fragile world. Let’s appreciate what we have. With the new era come questions that we haven’t had to ask ourselves for a long time. These include choosing between escaping for self-preservation, resolute heroism, or quiet survival in difficult situations. There are no simple answers. Rapid trials can do as much harm as weapons, and a reluctance to listen can be worse than a reluctance to help,” the May issue said.

On the two covers, there are inscriptions in English: “How Do You Feel Now” and “Time For Empathy”, and on the third cover there is an inscription in Ukrainian “Live, Ukraine!”

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