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What did the world get thanks to Ukraine? And what can the world lose because of Russia?

What did the world get thanks to Ukraine? And what can the world lose because of Russia?

When looking at the latest social media discussions concerning the economic crisis and the rising energy and food prices one may begin to notice the spread of language that some may not notice coming off as accusatory — namely, the use of the phrase “because of Ukraine…,” which sometimes results in sentences like “because of Ukraine, it will be cold in the winter,” and so on. But this claim is completely false. Language matters — and when discussing the consequences of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine that have a far-reaching Europe-wide effect, it’s important to appropriately remind the world of precisely whose fault it is: Russia’s.

Before the full-scale war, Ukraine was one of the world’s top exporters of grain, steel and other goods. Because of Russia, a number of Ukrainian factories are completely destroyed and production of previously frequently exported materials stalled. Russians steal Ukrainian grain in temporarily occupied territories and burn fields to make them unusable. They also destroyed Ukrainian AN-225 Mriya, the largest plane in the world, which helped countries with cargo shipments.

The war Russia unleashed on Ukraine is unjustified, unprovoked and cruel — but it will not stop until the world unites together in resisting and isolating Russia economically, politically, socially. If the international community does not do this, Russia and other aggressors in the world will only be emboldened.

It is imperative to remember the words of NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg: “The price we pay as the EU, as NATO, is the price we can measure in currency, in money. The price Ukrainians pay is measured in lives lost every day. So, we should stop complaining and step up and provide support.”

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