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Which global celebrities support Ukraine during their performances?

Which global celebrities support Ukraine during their performances?

Since the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, many of the world’s celebrities have spoken out in support of Ukraine. Such statements help to spread information about the cruel and unprovoked war unleashed by Russia. It is vitally important to talk about the war on an international level because, at the moment, when the war in Ukraine is silenced or forgotten, it will cause irreparable damage to the security of Europe and the whole world.

One of the means to express support for Ukraine among the world’s artists is to unfurl the Ukrainian flag at their concerts.

Here are some artists who supported Ukraine at their concerts: 



Let’s start with the Italian band Maneskin, which consistently expressed support for the Ukrainians in this war.

The musicians have repeatedly shown that they stand for Ukraine from the stage. For example, while performing in Verona, a lead singer Damiano David, took the flag from a fan and proceeded to perform holding it.

The band also supported Ukraine at the Coachella Festival in California. During their performance of ‘Gasoline,’ the yellow and blue flag was illuminated on the screen behind the musicians, and, before the show, the frontman addressed the fans about Ukraine.


Not the less striking German rock band Rammstein also supports Ukraine, so at their concert in Zurich, they unfurled the flag of Ukraine.

And in the first days of full-scale war, Till Lindemann helped refugees from Ukraine to get first aid at the railway station in Berlin.

Harry Styles

The singer waved the Ukrainian flag at his concert in New York at UBS Arena. The track ‘Sign Of The Times’ was performed by Styles with the Ukrainian flag taken from a fan in the audience.  

Armin van Buren

The world of electronic music doesn’t stand aside either. Dutch DJ Armin van Buuren gave a charity concert in Bucharest in support of Ukraine. The musician came on stage with a blue and yellow flag, raising it up, and the concert hall, where the performance took place, was strewn with Ukrainian symbols. Later, Armin van Buuren arranged a similar concert in Poland. All proceeds from these performances were donated to Ukraine.


The American singer and songwriter reveals her support for Ukraine since the early days of the war. At her concert in Seattle, LP unfurled the Ukrainian flag and called on the world to stop the war.

Billie Eilish

American singer Billie Eilish raised the Ukrainian flag at her show in Germany in solidarity with Ukrainians. The flag was given to her by the Ukrainian singer and songwriter Jerry Heil. Billie Eilish had previously participated in a global Stand Up For Ukraine charity campaign and dedicated her song ‘Your Rower’ to Ukrainians.

Florence + The Machine.

British indie-pop band Florence + The Machine also expressed their support for Ukraine. At Orange Warsaw Festival in Poland, the frontwoman of the band, Florence Welch, ran onto the stage with a Ukrainian flag and sang the song ‘Free.’ Symbolically, the music video for this song was filmed in Kyiv in November 2021. The final shots bear the text that says Florence and the Machine “dedicate this video to the spirit, creativity, and endurance of our brave Ukrainian friends.”

Imagine Dragons

At the band’s concert in Prague, Dan Reynolds, lead singer of Imagine Dragons, unfurled the flag of Ukraine on stage. The flag was given to Dan by a woman from Northern Saltivka, an area in Kharkiv that has been heavily bombed by the Russian army.


This performance went viral on social media. Another rock star from Great Britain, Yungblud, delivered his thoughts on the war and Putin loudly and clearly. The artist, wrapped in a Ukrainian flag, shouted “F*ck Putin” in one voice together with thousands of the audience.


The rock is really alive, considering how many rock bands we have in our collection. The next on this list are rock legends — Scorpions. During their concert in Krakow, while singing the Wind Of Change song with the changed lyrics in support of Ukraine, the audience in the hall unfurled 50-meter flags of Ukraine and Poland close to the stage.

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