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You don’t have to be Ukrainians to support Ukraine. It is enough just to be humans.

You don’t have to be Ukrainians to support Ukraine. It is enough just to be humans.

“You don’t have to be Ukrainians to support Ukraine. It is enough just to be humans.” Key quotes of the Nobel Lecture given by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 2022 Center for Civil Liberties, delivered by Oleksandra Matviichuk.

In Oslo, on Dec. 10, the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony was held. Among the laureates was the director of Ukraine’s Centre for Civil Liberties, Oleksandra Matviichuk, who received the first such award to independent Ukraine in its history. The Nobel speech of representatives of Ukraine sounded in Ukrainian for the first time in the history of the award. 

Oleksandra Matviychuk delivered a speech during the awards ceremony in which she posed five questions to the world.

The director of the Center for Civil Liberties emphasized that the fight for democracy and human rights cannot be won in a single battle. They should always have support and protection. Everywhere.

The second question asked by Oleksandra Matviychuk was how to start calling a spade a spade. She stated that the people of Ukraine want peace more than anyone else in the world. But peace cannot be reached by a country under attack laying down its arms. It would not be peace but occupation. 

With the third question the Nobel Laureate posed: “How to ensure peace for people around the world?” She demanded that the international system should be changed to safeguard people from war and totalitarian governments. Oleksandra Matviychuk also stated that citizens from all nations should express their opinions on this issue, not only politicians.

How to ensure justice for those affected by the war? The head of the Center for Civil Liberties noted that although the law does not work in war, the world needs to break the circle of impunity and change approaches to justice for war crimes. It should not wait for the overthrow of the authoritarian regime and victory. The international community must restore justice for all the victims of the war.

In her final question to the world: “How can global solidarity become our passion?” Oleksandra Matviychuk noted that people from all countries should understand — all that happens in the world is their responsibility, and it is not enough to adopt the right laws or create formal institutions. The values of society will remain stronger.

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